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Keep On Needling Me!

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Our Exclusive Electric Derma Roller

Create bouncy, younger-looking skin and tighter-looking pores.  Smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles along with enhancing topical skincare absorption.


What is micro-needling therapy?

It is a procedure in which teeny-tiny needles are rolled across the skin, creating microscopic holes. This triggers the body’s natural wound healing response to kick in, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. The results are fewer fine lines and wrinkles, firmer skin, and a more even tone with the help of a serum or crème.


  • 540 Needles
  • Medical Grade 316 Stainless Steel Titanium
  • 635nm Red Light Therapy



For best results, roll it horizontally, vertically, then diagonally across each section of your face doing eight to 10 passes each time.  Start with once a week to see how your skin reacts. Then repeat two to three times per week. Make sure to clean the head after each use with 70% alcohol.


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*Do not use vitamin C or retinol serum 

Uses 2 AAA batteries included.