About a year ago, the universe tapped me on the shoulder and said “Go ahead! Do It! Now is your Moment! Live your dream with actual proof of your abilities!” So, I embarked on building a brand that aligned with my passion & purpose to empower women to use their fullest potential to love themselves from within, to recognize their power, to feel confident and beautiful, to live healthy, with wisdom and compassion.

 After many years in the skincare & cosmetic business, I helped women bring their inner beauty out and make it shine! Through the years, I researched and interviewed chemists about the benefits of natural ingredients and the healing properties they provide. I realized putting stock into “mother nature” would provide long term results that could never be achieved by using synthetic or manmade materials, most with negative side effects, and still focus on better health.  I started reading and listening & learning about the benefits of hemp, CBD and the endocannabinoid system that plants and humans share. I saw many physical and emotional ailments helped with the use of extracting the flower from the plant and then used for medicinal purposes with documented results. Since all diseases and chronic conditions arise from inflammation, and CBD has anti-inflammatory, calming and anti-anxiety healing properties, this became my starting point.

Wala! A line of organic, anti-aging, CBD infused skin products came to fruition along with two amazing tinctures and an effective pain salve.

 With a lot of testing, hard work and jumping over many obstacles, I never gave up! I am proud to put my name on these products. Their performance will amaze you if you stay consistent. They are on the level of spa products with pristine ingredients. My tinctures will help you balance & focus and get a good restful night’s sleep.  I want every woman from ages 25-85 to find & use my products so they can experience the benefits of younger, clearer, softer and brighter skin.  When you’re ready to replenish your cleanser, moisturizer, or serum, I ask that you give me the opportunity to earn your loyalty.  When you see the results, please share your review on our website and tell all your friends and family! Let’s get “I-Gotcha Covered” products on the face of women throughout the country so they can glow. Our growth is focused on you and what will help you to love who you are and what you stand for! It’s all about wellness culminating from the inside. Stay tuned for what’s next.  Many of you reading this know who I am. You know my honor, respect and integrity. Give my products a chance.  I am confident you will look & feel your very best!!

Thank you,