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My Experience

EXPERIENCE (submitted by Roxanne):

When the pandemic first hit and we had a mask mandate, it was shocking to go out in public with a medical mask covering my face, and seeing others covered too. It was surreal, and the fear of the virus only enhanced the feeling.

Every time I had to leave my home, it created tremendous anxiety. I remembered using essential oils as I had in the past to calm me.

Using them seemed to help me feel less stressful.

Then I discovered the I-Gotcha Covered website and their mask kits.

This was a game changer! The kit includes a CBD “Calm & Chill” tincture to place on a disc in the inner pocket of these fun and vibrantly-designed masks.

The soothing aroma of the tincture kept me calm as I went about my errands. And the lavender CBD hand sanitizer was a real bonus.  I’m so grateful to have found this wonderful kit that’s helped me navigate what would ordinarily be a very anxious time. What a fabulous concept!