Why Beauty Products That Contain CBD Are Best

Why Beauty Products that Contain CBD are Better?

Beauty products have been around for quite some years now and it’s only growing in popularity and not to mention demand. A good majority of people are leaning towards products which are naturally and organically formulated since they tend to be less irritating and give better, healthier results. That natural and organic formula is CBD! Latest research and studies have now proven that combining beauty products with CBD has far better benefits than those without.

This new magic ingredient is derived straight from the hemp plant using an extraction process to extract Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol. These two main active ingredients are non-psychoactive. Non-psychoactive meaning it will not produce the high feeling and does not alter the state of mind. CBD contains healing components that can be efficient when put on skin. It also contains very little trace amounts of THC, which would be considered less than 0.3% making it federally legal.


Natural Skin Hydrator

It's a natural skin healer

CBD is more known for clothing and body care products than recreational use. Some things to note about CBD in beauty products is that it helps greatly in reducing any inflammation to the skin and a nice soothing feel. This helps while applying to skin because it can take away any pain or irritation occurring. Beauty products with CBD help with regulating the natural production of your skins oil. It will help regulate sebum which is thought to be a reason for acne. Many women who have used our Calendula & Mango Butter Skin Hydrator have seen a great improvement in their skin’s appearance. Adding this all-natural ingredient helps activate CB2 receptors on the peripheral sensory nerves, which can aid in soothing any itchy skin.

If signs of aging are appearing on skin CBD can help sooth and counteract the damage done. Making the aging signs such as skin dullness, wrinkles, and off skin tone less noticeable! Some non-natural beauty product ingredients can be harmful to the skin and should be avoided. One chemical to stay away from is paraben which is a preservative and can lead to hormonal imbalances. Therefore, beauty products that contain natural and organic ingredients are recommended when it comes to skin care.


Best beauty lotion for aging skin

Your skin and body should always come first.

At i-Gotcha Covered, our beauty products are made with a custom formulation along with carefully selected ingredients which have been tested and certified by 3rd party labs and hemp that is grown and processed right here in the USA. When it comes to beauty, we feel your skin and body should always come first.


Next time you’re shopping for beauty products look at the ingredients being used, and if you haven’t given CBD a try or still on the fence, take a look at our product reviews! You won’t be disappointed.